seeds of yesterday

The saga of the tormented Dollangangers comes to an end in Lifetime Television’s fourth installment of the Flowers In The Attic series. Cathy (Rachel Carpani) and her brother/husband Christopher (Jason Lewis) finally come home to Foxworth Hall. It had been burned to the ground but now Cathy’s son Bart (James Maslow) has rebuilt it with painstaking accuracy to ominous effect. Bart has inherit the entire family fortune and now on his 25th birthday expects to be out from under Christopher’s executorship, but when an added clause to grandmother Corinne’s will is read, they all find out that Bart’s wealth is to remain administered by Christopher. This sets Bart on an emotional and mental downward spiral, vindictively torturing everyone in his family – his half-brother Jory (Anthony Konechny), his pregnant sister-in-law Melodie (Leah Gibson), his adopted sister Cindy (Sammi Hanratty), Christopher, and even his beloved mother Cathy.


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